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A Mother’s Hand Is The Fuel That Enables Normal People

My Mother was the study for this sculpture. As we spent quiet hours together in the studio, I took great care to appreciate the true depth and meaning of the hands I saw before me. I imagined them holding me as a child. The hands that reared my spirit, the hands that carried all that I am.

This sculpture represents un-measured aspects of a Mother, the complex decisions that her hands make. The combination of millions of small maternal gestures that together add up in the most beautiful complex outcome … you. What better way to express this than with the mystical and irrational number π?

The mystery of Pi

π is one of the great mysteries of mathematics. It is to math what a quantum particles is to physics – one of the fundamental building blocks. π in its essence is the heart of all that is circular in the universe. If you look closely at this sculpture you may understand the nature of π just a little bit better. Try and understand how this abstract constant interacts with the world around you. Explore, stand closer, go further….see how π interacts with you and your environment.