2010 | Resin, powder, steel and perspex | 150 x 63 x 35 cm

Being the designer of the alogrithms a company like has many emotions attached to it. During the early years, in the midst of the machine building such a fast-growing startup, I found myself driven to bring about change.  It was time for the world of consumer finance in the UK to evolve. Wonga was launched in the storm of the banking crisis. Social change by its very nature is precipitated by economic flux.  

The years were characterised by creativity, complexity and the merging of fragmented technologies.  

Late nights, code, coffee and people, people, people. A time of diagrams scribbled on whiteboards. 

Then in late 2011, I opened my eyes one morning to find that Wonga was a big business with Cambridge graduates, distributed cloud-based architecture and teams of young analytical super-minds. In one way this was a great entrepreneurial moment yet I found my own relevance diluted. From being the thinker, the designer, the disruptor, I had become a small cog in the world I'd created.