2010 | Resin, powder, steel and perspex | 150 x 63 x 35 cm

Being the designer of the alogrithms and interface for a company like Wonga has many emotions attached to it. During the early years, in the midst of the machine building such a fast-growing startup, I found myself driven to bring about change and disruption.  It was time for the world of consumer finance in the UK to evolve. An instant £200 for a couple of days for a tenner felt like such a good idea! Wonga was launched in the storm of the banking crisis. Social change by its very nature is precipitated by economic flux.  

The years were characterised by complexity and the merging of fragmented technologies.  

Late nights, code, coffee and people, people, people. A time of diagrams scribbled on whiteboards. 

By late 2011 Wonga was a big business with middle management layers and sub-committees. Feeling like the unheard "inventor", I found I no longer had the ability to influence the most important variable in the business algorithm: its strategy. The time had come to stand, maybe even stumble aside. Feeling lonely and almost naive in my desire to use the technology as a force for good, I moved on quietly, making way for the lion show.

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